Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Leg Workout

Here is an at home leg workout for you.  Before starting the workout, make sure you do a proper warm up.  Get the heart rate up for about 2 minutes and then do 5-10 minutes of mobility exercises. 
Examples of mobility exercises:
leg swings
runners lunge with rotation
squatted windmills
straighten and bend the legs

30 front squats using a chair(hands on the seat of the chair in a plank, push your butt back towards your heels so your shins hover over the floor)  This is just like doing front squats using the TRX, but your hands are on a chair.
15/leg single leg runners (just like using the TRX, same position as above, but single leg)
heels on your chair, back on floor, hip thrusts 20-30

Step ups on a chair, keep all reps on one side.  Reps depend on what you have for weight at home.  You decide
squat & curtsey combo, rack the weights at your chest, keep all reps on one side

single leg sit stand using your chair 10-15/leg
deadlifts, you can use a backpack for this or do good mornings instead if you don't have weight

leg raises 20(SLOW THIS DOWN!!)
Russian twists 20/20
side plank 30 seconds per side

You decide how many rounds to do.  If you aren't feeling up to it, do one round of each.  If you are feeling amazing, do 4 rounds of each. 

Just remember, SOMETHING is better then NOTHING!


If there's anything you should be doing at home right now......it's mobility.  It doesn't require ANY equipment.  You can do it as many times a day as you wish.  We can all benefit from mobility in our lives especially if you find yourself sitting a lot more these days.

It's way too hard to list the exercises you should be doing at this time.  Not everyone knows the names.  I am going to post some links to videos.  Some of the videos are 10 minutes, some are 30 minutes.  The 10 minute videos, pause them and do a few more reps.

As always with mobility, you must move with a purpose.  You can't rush or flail through your exercises.  You want to push your end ranges but if something doesn't feel good, you don't push as hard. 

Hip Mobility Video

General Mobility Video (20 minutes)

Hips & Hamstrings (10 Minutes)

10 Minute Mobility

General Mobility Video(45 minutes)

General Mobility Video (30 Minutes)

Please try to do mobility every day!  It's so important to stay mobile during this time.

Deck of Cards at Home Workout

Most people have a Deck of Cards in their house.

So why not use them!!!

You can do all cardio exercises, all strength or a mixture.

Here's an example:
Hearts are burpees
Diamonds are squat jumps
Clubs are push ups
Spades are V ups
Jokers can be one minute wall sit

Aces are 11, jack queen king are all 10.  Whatever you flip, 5 of hearts, you would do 5 burpees.

See how long it takes you to go through the deck!

Other exercises to use:
plank shoulder taps
reverse lunges
sumo squats
sumo squat jumps
high knees as joker
jumping jacks
step hops on your stairs
lunge back & kick
prisoner squats
alternate toe touches
prisoner get ups
roll back to jump up

I could keep going on.....but I'm sure you get it.


At Home Workouts

Hello everyone,

It's been a while.  We have decided to post some at home workouts for you here.  This is easy access for everyone.  Not everyone has facebook or Instagram to get the online workouts we post there.

Obviously before any of the workouts, you need to do a warm up and some mobility exercises. 

At this time, the most important thing, is to just keep moving.  It's not the time to make gains(ie muscle gains).  It's not the time to try to lose weight.  It's time to maintain and keep our sanity.

It is really hard to put workouts together for everyone, when we don't know what equipment people have at home.  Most of these workouts are going to be full body, legs or core and cardio.  You will use whatever you have available at home.  Chair, wall, carpet, stairs, towels, bags/backpack(filled to give it weight), bands, dumbbells....whatever you have available.

Full Body Workout

3 sets of everything
5 push ups 5 kneeling presses alternate for one minute: 30 seconds kick backs

squat & press 1 Minute: 30 seconds burpees

plank down up pull through 1 Minute: 30 seconds Heisman

2 renegade rows 2 bent over rows alternate for 1 Minute: 30 seconds high knees

reverse lunge & biceps curls 1 Minute: 30 seconds plank jacks

deadlift & upright row 1 Minute: 30 seconds mountain climbers

The following video goes through all the modifications:  https://youtu.be/6iVm5C7Dtu0

Glute Workout

4 rounds
Single leg hip thrust 15/15
Frog pump 30
Disc/towel/stability ball hamstring sliders 20

4 Rounds
High step up on a chair 15/15
Side lying hip raise 30/30
Sumo squats pulse pulse and up 30

4 Rounds
Deficit lunges-use your stairs 15/15
Single leg hip raise- heel on stairs or couch 15/15
Chair L sit & jump up 15

The following video has demonstrations of all the exercises:  https://youtu.be/bLWSWe1z1is

Dirty 30 Full Body Workout

30 reps of everything
jump squats

push ups
pop squats

low back extension and row
step ups on a chair

dips using a chair
shuffle squat touch down
volleyball block
push backs

walkout thrusters
lunge & kick ups

The following videos goes through the exercises and any modifications:  https://youtu.be/_y7fJFbTM4g

Full Body - Body Weight only workout

1 minute: walk out to push-up walk back and stand, increase the pushups by one rep each time
30 seconds cardio

1 minute: low back extension and row, add on one row each time
30 seconds cardio

1 minute: 2 lunges and squat jump, increase the squat jump by one
30 seconds cardio

1 minute: tricep dip crab toes touch, increase the dips by one
30 seconds cardio

1 minute jump slam burpee, increase the jump slam by one rep
1 minute: plank down up each arm (or shoulder tap each arm) thruster, increase the thruster

1 minute: roll to stomach and back then knee tuck, increase the knee tucks by one
30 seconds cardio
1 minute: walk out to bear, kick up, walk back squat jump, increase one or the other by one

Here's a video that goes through the workout:  https://youtu.be/ncS-nFkUARE

Full Body - Using Dumbbells

1. Bent over row(add a rep) curl and press 1 min
2. Dumbbell swing(add a rep) push up 1 min
3. Lunge back right left, squat & bicep curl(add a rep) 1 min
4. Walkout push-up(add a rep) walk back grab and stand. 1 min
5. Kneeling cross curl, regular curl(add a rep) 1 min
6. Narrow shoulder press to hinge to kick back (add a rep) 1 min

The following video goes through the exercises: 

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Roseland Golf & Curling Club

Well it has been an exhausting 2 months for us. A remarkable 3 week renovation in the Roseland G&CC clubhouse that renewed an under utilized space. We could not be happier with the results, new clients are finding us and are amazed at the work that we do with our members! The transition from our old space to the new space is still going on, but this team of trainers is handling everything as smoothly as expected.

We can know start to plan the next phase of PURE Fitness, starting with the rebranding of the Studio. Not a change in our name but a new location deserves a new Logo. So we are in the process of getting the new logo out there and expect to have some shirts and bottles available with the new logo on it real soon.

So please do us a favour and help us spread the word about PURE Fitness, what we do for our members and definitely share our great new location!

Friday, December 28, 2018

The New Years Resolution Rush

We are about to turn the calendar over again and welcome in 2019. The New Year brings new opportunities, along with a gentle refresh to our everyday lives. Unfortunately, the new year brings in a chaotic scene at the low cost gym facilities for a couple of weeks. Yes the New Year's Resolution Rush. I lose my mind when I drive by the gyms in the new year and see hundreds of cars in the parking lots. Why does a date on a calendar make a difference in your choices? It shouldn't, we should make healthy living an everyday occurrence. 

Those that are serious about their health and wellness don't wait until January 1st to join a gym, they know that a healthy lifestyle is a commitment longer than a few weeks. A healthy investment in themselves will lead to a lifetime of benefits. And most importantly, a legitimate chance to live a long prosperous life.

A New Year also means that another birthday is coming. Another year older and in all honesty, another year of diminishing strength. Many studies show that without proper strength training, we become weaker as we get older. Not a shocker to most, but we should do our best to fight father time. Weight training has proven to improve bone density, battle against heart disease and increases everyday endurance. As we get older, it has been proven that eccentric weight training is a huge benefit to your bodies performance when compared to regular training. Working with a trainer who can mandate a proper routine and demand certain performance from you will give you the progress that you set out to achieve.

Don't just waste time showing up a gym. Go with a purpose so your valuable time is optimized and those long term goals can be attained. Train with a purpose!

PURE Fitness


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Best Gym in the City of Windsor

Alexa, What is the Best Gym in the City of Windsor? This will be a common question in the next few weeks as we head towards the new year. People will be calling on either Alexa or Siri to help, as they prepare to make fitness a part of their daily lives. In our opinion the best gym in the City of Windsor is PURE Fitness! Why do we think that? We could easily say that it's because of the  fantastic reviews that we constantly receive. But we believe that it is because we have the ideal fitness facility for every fitness level from beginner to expert.

We offer the best Personal Training, both One on One sessions and in Small Group settings at the most affordable prices in the area. We top that off by adding a variety of Fitness Classes throughout the week to compliment our training sessions. Those classes include Indoor Cycle (Spin), Step, Bootcamp, and TRX along with Barre, Yoga, and Golf Fitness when in demand. There's always something going on that our members can benefit from.

The passion and care that our trainers put into our clients separates us from the rest. We motivate our members to push their limits while under a watchful eye in a safe setting. Everyday we create new workouts that keep our members coming back through that door in anticipation!

How do we compare to the Best Crossfit gym in the city? We don't nor is it something we want to be compared to! Our Trainers put our members safety at the forefront of every workout. We know that our members overall strength and mobility will benefit from our library of exercises without any increased risk from dangerous exercises.

We believe that you should not compete in the gym, you should train in the gym to compete on the field.

We have seen through Social Media platforms, those Crossfit exercises that can leave us wondering "What were they thinking? Where is the safety in that exercise?" We know that these Crossfit coaches are excellent at showing the exercises with manageable weight. But when their clients recklessly push the upper limits beyond what they are capable of, the likelihood of injuries and accidents increase. Some information we all should know, Crossfit gyms pay a higher insurance premium as insurance companies know about the greater risk involved with their programs. If you do choose to Crossfit, please do yourself a favour and ask your gym if they are insured properly, don't let a mishap at the gym affect your livelihood.

Thanks for your time and remember to stay active!